Photography for Dentists

Dental Photography Workshop and Digital Presentations
for Esthetic Treatment Planning

Would you like to improve your clinical dentistry?
Would you like to improve your ability to communicate specific problems with patients and/or
lab technicians?

This hands-on course will review digital camera systems and their operations. Emphasis will be placed on the latest digital format and the appropriate camera system and components for your practice. You will learn the necessary views for clinical dental photography. Highlighted will be twelve views recommended by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry that will allow for accurate and complete diagnosis, design, and critique of your cosmetic enhancement procedures. Each participant will take the twelve views on a partner with the guidance of the instructor.

Digitally, you will learn basic principles to download and integrate your clinical photographs into PowerPoint. An overview of how to e-mail, format/log, and make a simple patient preview will be covered.

If you do not own, or have never used a digital intra-oral camera, this course is the beginning of a new era for you. We will supply digital cameras for you to try. If you are experienced but are looking for a consistent way to document your clinical dentistry, this course is for you; no matter what your present level. This course will provide significant insight in improving your clinical photography, which will help grow your technical skills and enhance your clinical practice.