Q. What is the largest class size BHIDE will take?
A. 20. At BHIDE - unless we need to move to another venue. Most courses because they are a group of close colleagues will have 5-12 participants.

Q. What do you mean by customized courses?
A. Your group of colleagues determine the curriculum and mode of teaching and BHIDE puts the rest together for you. Dr. LeSage is the primary faculty, but BHIDE has access to many other excellent educators. The curriculum could be any topic in esthetic dentistry from smile design to direct restorations to indirect restorations to accreditation study clubs.
- see the list available in Our Policy section
The mode of teaching could be lecture, workshop hands-on, over the shoulder observation, live patient care or any combination.

Q. What is the smallest class size BHIDE will take?
A. One.

Q. What is the typical cost for a customizable program?
A. Participant fees start at as low as $500 per day and go to $2,500 per day, depending on the course content and number of participants.

Q. Are courses offered on weekday or weekends?
A. Anytime, anyday. remember we use the word customized- we will develop a program that works for you or your small group.

Q. BHIDE is described as a state of the art facility, what does that mean? How will that enhance my educational experience?
A. You will notice the difference once you walk into BHIDE. It will have the feel and comfort of a spa, but a professional staff will make it an intimate, excellent learning experience. BHIDE is built within Dr. LeSage's private comprehensive dental practice. There is an observation operatory and capabilities to broadcast anything from the operatory into the adjacent and visible educational room. Using the latest in A/V technology, you will come to experience one of the most sophisticated teaching facilities in the world. A SXGA+ resolution projector with native resolution of 1440 by 1280 and 7000 lumens can fill the wide screen with a breath taking image(15ft. x 6ft.), complimented with Bose surround sound and you now have entered the 21st century in the ultimate dental education experience.

Q. There are over the shoulder workshops and hands-on workshops at BHIDE. What is the difference?
A. Over the shoulder workshops would consist of Dr. LeSage working on his private practice patient while slowly demonstrating and answering all your questions about a procedure you requested to observe. You could observe them looking over his shoulder in the state of the art room teaching operatory or see it through the observatory glass of the institute or while enjoying relaxing as it is broadcast into the teaching room. Hands-on workshops would consist of Dr. LeSage doing a demonstration usually on a typodont and each participant following along. These could be composite courses, veneer courses, electrosurgery courses, photography courses, etc. Please see in Our Policy section for all the possibilities. Most courses will best be taught with a combination approach. You think of the endlesss possibilities and let us bring your vision to life.