Minimally Invasive Dentistry: Mimic Nature with Composite

Minimally invasive dentistry and composite restorations are the most conservative, least invasive and predictable restorations to restore the dentition to normal form and function. Over the course of two days you will do multiple hands-on exercises using a newer NanoFilled MicroHybrid- Venus Diamond by Heraeus. Interspersed will be lectures and demonstrations within a small class setting.

In this workshop you will create an entire natural tooth. By doing so, the participant will learn how to create a  CEJ, dentinal lobes, polychromicity, incisal halo and incisal edge effects. Throughout the two days we will build on direct composite skill levels.  Another exercise will aid in creating a seamless and undectable restoration. Posterior direct composites will be taught.

Other important parameter to be discussed will be outline form, embrasures, line angles, secondary and tertiary anatomy and adhesive dentistry overview. Color will be discussed
and a short shade taking exercise will be demonstrated.

Learning Objectives:
1. Using dentin and enamel shades to create an entire anterior tooth and posterior     restorations that mirror nature
2. Unique layering techniques and eight steps to fabricating a seamless restoration
3. Mimic nature in both color and form; creating beautiful and undetectable restorations
4. Finishing and Polishing exercises will be emphasized