"Just wanted to let you know how much Kristy and I enjoyed the lecture. I particularly enjoyed the emphasis on conservative preps and treatment plans. I learned a lot- great stuff!! Thanks for all your hard work!"
W. Johnston Rowe, Jr, DDS, AAACD/Rowe & Rowe Smile Studio, PA
"I really appreciated the articles that you and Dr. Wells did for the AACD Journal about veneers--I have been arguing with other local dentists for 5 years about when is appropriate and when not. I took the UCLA Esthetic Continuum courses earlier in the decade and have continued to produce extremely happy patients with beautiful smiles since. Thank you for your time in the trenches at UCLA and your continuance in the profession. I have not been able to join any of your personal courses, but I have promoted you extensively to the other practitioners in the area. Keep up the good work."
Charlie Ray/Katy Texas
"Your lecture was inspiring and impressive. Thank you so very much for coming out to speak to us on the East Coast. We look forward to learning more from you at the Boston AACD and even attempting your hands on courses!"
Beautiful Smiles by Robin Santiago DMD/ West Hartford, CT
"Attending his course, I am a raving fan! He is a gifted artist and a skilled scientist who has passion for what he does, and his modern approach to cosmetic dentistry is transformational!
I think he should win the best Educator of the Century's Award!"
Dr Nazanin Alameh Zadeh/ Dana Point, CA
"Thanks for giving a great lecture at Burbank Dental Lab for the Academy for Excellence!  You're a good inspiration for us all"
Tamie Ego/ Burbank, CA
 "Too many technique "nuggets" to thank you for each and every one...so a global thanks for a super course. I kid my staff " I think of you and Buzz Lightyear " on nearly every composite as "I finish to infinity... and beyond" hahaha Thanks for the help again"     
 Dr. Bob Muckey  (UCLA 1970)/Sacramento, CA
“This was THE BEST hands on course I have ever taken. I’ve been taking workshops here for over 5 years and numerous other hands-on courses. Jenny Brian and Frank each gave amazing encouragement and an excellent presentation of their SUPERIOR knowledge. This is definitely a full day course-THE BEST EVER!”
“This is an essential course for accreditation! Should make it a 2-day course. Loved it.”
“Great learning experience-will be helpful in the office and for accreditation.”
“The best hands-on course for me since 2000. I would do it a second time! Perfect with the master dental clinician."
2008AACD 24th Annual Scientific Session
"Upon returning home from the Atlanta ACCD meeting, I found myself reflecting on the people who offered their support and encouragement during my journey toward accreditation. I want you to know that you’re mentoring, in particular, made a significant difference for me. Your willingness to advise me and offer your time to keep me on course has been a gift, Brian. I will remain grateful for your help, and plan to follow your example by generously supporting other colleagues on their path toward accreditation. I look forward to continuing my study with you."
Michael J. Bannan, DDS FAGD / Standish, MI
"I just wanted to write to say thanks for all your help during the four days I spent at UCLA for the first part of the aesthetic continuum. It was truly a great learning experience and having someone like you to learn from, made it even better. Please forgive me if I was too anal at times. I cannot begin to tell you how many odds I have had to fight in my life just to be in the position where I am now and therefore, I am thankful for everything that comes my way. I also wanted to tell you that you are a wonderful speaker and better than most everyone that I have heard (I have heard many speakers during my like time). I first heard you speak in Santa Barbara when you spoke for the Dental Society meeting. Right then I knew that I wanted to learn from you. You are not only knowledgeable, but also a great clinician. Therefore, you come across as very confident when you speak. I am sure that you will do very well at the AAED meeting."
BK Rai / Santa Barbara, CA
"I wanted to once again express my appreciation for your generosity to speak at the New Orleans Dental Conference. I regret that I was not able to visit with you longer, but hope that your time here was pleasurable and meaningful. We have endured some difficult times, but the support and friendship of our colleagues in dentistry has lifted our spirits and strengthened our resolve. May god bless you and keep you safe as you travel
the country. I hope we get to see you again in New Orleans in the not too distant future."
Glenn Dubac / New Orleans, LA
"It was a very hectic week for me after the MAAD meeting. I was off to Seoul, Korea for the IFED meeting on that Thursday & only got back on Monday this week. I am glad to hear that you & your family enjoyed the trip here so much and I really hope we had done our duties as hosts well. As usual, good times always come to an end too fast & I guess your trip here is the same. There is so much to see & enjoy in Malaysia but you must stay long enough to do that. We certainly look forward to having you here again in the future. We have spoken to many participants and the hands-on group was very happy with the course. Thank you for your contribution towards the education of dentists in Malaysia. Cheers! "
Sim / President of the Malaysia / Associa tion of Aesthetic Dentistry
"Thank you again for helping to make the University of Maryland’s Alumni weekend a big success. You were a real draw for our returning alumni and your contribution to our program was a meaningful one. I know the leadership of our Dental School and Alumni Association, certainly all of those who participated in your program, really appreciated your generosity."
Nei McCabe / Assistant Dean / University of Maryland
"Fabulous, practical information explained simply and exquisitely performed in the workshop environment. "
Myriam S / Pasadena, CA
"You are the BEST. I would definitely attend another course."
UAC Participant
"This hands-on workshop is one of the best I have ever attended. I was able to return to my practice with multiple” Pearls” from this work shop."
BK / Santa Barbara, CA
"Thank you for a great course! I am now creating beautiful anterior masterpieces."
2012 AACD Scientific Session
"Great Seminar. Brian and Frank did an excellent job. I only wish that there could have been a handout posted online"
"Excellent opportunity to participate in a class that is geared to more than basic techniques"
"I would suggest spending more time teaching polishing the restorations. I think the layering technique has been beat to death in many courses."
"Very Inspiring courses"
"The presenter has considerable knowledge on the course content and I was very impressed with his cva and experience. Since I would like to be accredited one day it really opened and sharpened my eyes to the narrow set of criteria that must be mastered. I appreciated the course and content greatly."
"Dr. LeSage gave a great lecture. He was able to get in detail about the cases and made sure everyone understood the points he was making."